JISHENG 100% Remy Human Hair Dreadlocks Permanent Loc Extensions Natural Color 10 inch 0.6cm Width Full Hand 30 Locs



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jisheng locs remy extensionsjisheng locs remy extensions

locs stylelocs style


Warm reminder:every time you dye your hair, it is a kind of damage to your hair.

ombre locs  human hairombre locs  human hair


• Made to match seamlessly with all afro and curly and afro kinky hair textures.

• These permanent dreadlock extensions can be added to existing locs or attached to natural hair.

• Easy to attach yourself or with help from a professional.

• The hair requires little to no maintenance and are durable.

• These extensions can be dyed and colored.

• Locs can also be cut shorter to accommodate shorter lengths.

• Locs can be sewn or crocheted together to make longer lengths.

dreadlocks extensionsdreadlocks extensions

locs natural hair

locs natural hair

dragons dreads dry locs

dragons dreads dry locs

ombre locs

ombre locs

freeform dreads

freeform dreads

Is it 100% Human Hair?

Yes. This is 100% human hair loc extensions, Testing by BURNING- Human hair will show white smoke while burning and then turn to ash; Synthetic hair will show black smoke and will be a sticky ball after burning.

Can i wash dreadlocks?

Locs or dreadlocks should be washed at regular intervals to remove dirt and odor, just as you would loose hair. In fact, wetting the hair encourages the hair to tangle more.

Can i dye my dreads?

Yes, you can absolutely dye your dreadlocks. Start by moisturizing your hair with a natural oil like grapeseed or coconut oil about a day or so before you dye it. Use a standard hair dye and apply it according to the instructions on the package

How long does it last

Generally 12-24 months. It depends on your Maintenance situation,Treat it like your own hair with hair care tips and make regular washing with good conditioner can usually make the hair longer.

natural dreads

natural dreads

natural hair#beauty#style#locs

natural hair#beauty#style#locs

combining locs

combining locs

blonde locs

blonde locs

How can I fix dreads that are falling out?

First you must understand why your dreads are falling out but in many cases dreadlocks can be seamlessly reattached via the crochet method

Can dreadlocks be trimmed and cut shorter?

Yes, absolutely. Just keep in mind that there is usually a flat end as a result of the cut and crocheting the tips back in is more challenging after a cut.

How can I fix weak spots in dreadlocks?

Weak spots in dreads can easily be fixed with the crochet method. In some cases additional hair may be added to the weak spot to strengthen it.

How do I fix loops and zig-zags in my dreadlocks?

Loops and zig-zags are most present in Straight Hair Dreads, especially ones with the backcomb, twist and rip, and free-form methods. These loops can be prevented and fixed in many cases by choosing to crochet them, palm rolling regularly, or sliding beads over the areas that are creating loops to contain the hair.

Advantage: Full Hand-made Permanent Loc Extensions,Adequate Quality
Easy to install, Can be added to existing locs to add length
User Age Group: Fits All, Men Women, Teens & Older Children
Fast Delivery: 2-5 day Delivery


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