REECHO 12″ Synthetic Hair Topper Wiglet Hair Enhancer with 3 Clips in Straight Hair Extensions Hair Closure Piece Hairpieces for Women- 25/613



Product Description

REECHO’s Popular Fashion Hair Extensions – Clip in bangs hairpieces! Bored with your old hair style ? Want to find back your own bangs? Need a new hair style for a Special Occasion? REECHO’s clip in bangs will be the best Choice for you.


To blend well with different hair length or style, REECHO add more hair. Besides bangs, you will get more length and volume for your new hair style.


Just 2-3 minutes, a totally new fashion style is down.


No one can tell the clip in bangs hairpieces because REECHO’s special design – Simulate Scalp.



Clip in hair extensions Wigs ( for cosplay & daily use ) Hairpieces ( clip in bangs, ponytail extensions, buns )


REECHO believes that each girl deserves to have the hair of her dream. And REECHO is a brand that goes above and beyond providing high quality clip in hair extensions, wigs, and hairpieces.


Born in Henan province of China, REECHO’s factory brings nearly 10 years of hair business. Factory roots go back to 2007 when our factory started in a small workshop with only 5 employees. Today, there are over 50 staff. We focus on end-user experience coupled with organizational efficiency.

ADD VOLUME AND COVERAGE – If you’re suffering from hair loss or hair turns grey on the crown of the head, the hair topper can help you find confidence without wearing hat , wigs or use hair restorer for hair growth. Easy to waer,only need 2-3 minutes
SECURE – 3 placed pressure-sensitive clips on the hair topper, for a secure fit, the hair topper will not slip or fall out of your hair if applied correctly
MATERIALS – Heat Resistant fibers that hold up to styling tools providing a similar styling versatility as with human hair. It can also be customized to suit your own individual look by using a curling iron/hair straightener. (Note: Unlike the real human hair, the synthetic hair fiber can be easily heated to straightened but not easily restyled to the curly style because the factory uses special equipment to curl the hair.)
SYNTHETIC – Don’t like human hair, synthetic hair fibers may become tangled after 2-3 wearings due to static that builds up on clothing, especially in the winter. Additionally, dust and moisture typically found in the air may also damage synthetic hair fibers. To prevent static or tangles, a mixture of water and hair conditioner in a small spray bottle can be used. Spray lightly combing through gently


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