ROSEBUD Curly Ponytail Hair Extensions Synthetic Long Ponytail Extension 24 Inch Wrap Around Ponytails for Women



How to apply this clip ponytail extension?
◆ Tie your hair into a tight ponytail with elastic ties.
◆ Put your hair go through the pocket.Stuck the steel clip of ponytail extensions to the upper elastic.
◆ Fix the hairnet with one hand and wrap the excess ponytail around it with the other hand.Fixed with magic paste after winding.
◆ Wrap the excess ponytail around the elastics to cover.Fix the whole look with bobby pins.

Unlike human hair,synthetic hair fibers may get tangled after 4-6 wears because of static.
How to solve tangled?
◆ Soak it in warm water with conditioner for 5 minutes.Gently press with your hand to clean,do not twist and squeeze.
◆ Gently remove any tangles with your fingers from the ends and work your way up,cut the tangled hair if necessary.
◆ First dry with a towel after washing,to avoid vigorously rubbing.Use the hairdryer for less than 30 seconds.
◆ When 80% dry,apply some hair care essential oil and then allow it air dry.

Warm Tips
◆ Avoid hair sticking to magic paste when applying,washing or caring.
◆ If your hair is thin and you don’t want to go through the pocket,you also can put it on directly.
◆ These hair ponytails are hand-made,normally some hair fibers may shed when first use.
◆ Dust and moisture may hurt the synthetic fibers.To prevent it,you can get a spray bottle and put some conditioner in it,fill it up with water.Spray it in the synthetic ponytail.It will make the ponytails hair not very dry and prevent getting tangled in some extent.
◆ This wrap around ponytail may not be in the perfect look when you receive due to the possible squeezing of the packaging,just takes a few seconds to take care of it,comb with your fingers to make the color mix better,and its look in the images will be presented.
INVISIBLE POCKET ♥ Designed with an invisible pocket to keep your own hair covered better. Just put your hair through the pocket, you will get a more natural and realistic look. This hair ponytail extension is matte and soft, close to human hair, ensures a well blending and nice texture keeping. I guess everyone will be surprised at your change, but no one knows what happened.
SECURE & TIGHT ♥ Well-made magic paste and clip in design for faster and easier use, wrap around neatly and stick tightly, ensure you can install these ponytails extensions yourself in a short time. For a better stay in, bobby pins are given away. Provides secure yet comfortable ponytail hairpiece for all day wear.
EASY TO MAINTAIN ♥ This curly ponytail extension allows you to wash with shampoo and make smell with perfume. Soaking it with some conditioner will make it not easy to knot. Arrange it with fingers slightly after washing, then allow it to air dry naturally. Add some baby powder if it is too shiny. It can keep naturalness for a long time with some easy care.
POSSIBLE DIFFERENCE ♥ There may have color differences because of lights and monitors. To ensure your color match, you can ask us which exact color fits you better. Please give us a chance before you complain, we are very concerned about most of the problems you may encounter and have prepared an effective solution. You will experience a good day or your money back.


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